In 1965, El Mohamady started it’s endless journey building the most famous chain of
restaurants in Mansoura.. Started with one branch that grew into a series of branches at the
same city to always be available everywhere right next to you.
With time passing, and with the presence of new generations, he added new plates and recipes
to hand you the biggest variety of plates and meals just in one menu.
While developing the menu, El Mohamady serves you the best quality, with the most delicious
taste and with the addition to the heritage, to fit different tastes on the same table
El Mohamady
Every Flavour has a story.

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  • First Mansoura Branch Opened - 1960

  • Enhanced the F&B Industry - 1985

  • Introduced El Mohamady Central Kitchen - 1999

  • Cairo Branch Opened - 2021

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